We’ve talked in previous blogs about other forms of cosmetic tattooing such as microblading (you can find that blog here). Today, we’re going to talk about another form of cosmetic tattooing known as lip blush. Lip blush, as the name suggests, is a kind of tattooing that blushes and fills in the lips. 

Lip blush is a form of semi-permanent makeup that helps give you fuller, naturally pigmented lips to enhance your natural lip. The word “semi-permanent” applies to the type of pigment that is used in this form of tattooing. Unlike traditional tattooing which deposits a dark and permanent pigment that fades to brown or green, semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing deposits a pigment that fades naturally over time, with no odd-looking pigment left over. 

Lip blush is a great procedure for women of any age to enhance their natural beauty. As we age, loss of collagen and moisture retention can lead to shrinking lips. Lips become thinner and thinner year after year. In many cases, this can start as early as your 20s(!), decreasing by 1% every year after

Lip blush is a great way to retain or return to full, luscious lips (not to mention, save time on lipstick, no smudging or reapplication necessary!). 

Lip Blush: What to Expect

The first thing you’ll do when you decide to explore lip blush is come in for a consultation with one of our cosmetic tattoo artists. This consultation is essentially to help you understand the procedure and to help us create a plan that helps you get the lips you’re after.

During your consultation we’ll walk you through what the treatment will look like, including cost and healing times. 

Your tattoo artist will assess the shape and color of your lips and will collaborate with you to create the look that you’re after. The idea behind lip blush is to accentuate your natural lip, giving you a more pronounced pout that looks natural but noticeably fuller. Usually, the shades we’ll suggest are meant to complicate your natural lip color and skin color. Depending on your skin tone, we may suggest a warmer or cooler shade. 

For a more natural look, your artist can match your natural lip color and simply fill in your pout and exaggerate the edges of your smile. For something a little more dramatic, you can go a shade or two darker and have your artist outline your lips and accentuate your cupid’s bow. 

After your initial consultation, you’ll schedule an appointment to come in and have your treatment done!

The Process

When you come in, you’ll be shown to the treatment room where the treatment will take place. Before the treatment, one of our team members will apply a numbing cream to the lips to help offset any discomfort during the procedure. You’ll still feel the treatment happening, but for most people it shouldn’t be more than a light scratching or pinching sensation. 

In total, the process should take under three hours. The exact timing it will take to deposit the pigment depends on several factors such as the vibrancy of the pigment, the condition of the lip skin, and how dramatic the desired result is.

Keep in mind that while lip blush certainly alters the look and can deepen the color of your lips, it isn’t meant to be a replacement for a bold red or highly pigmented color. Lip blush is often more subtle. Instead of permanent lipstick, it’s better to think of lip blush as a long-term lips stain that can enhance the look of your lips in a subtle but noticeable way. 

Lip blush can take up to a week and a half to heal fully. In that time, it’s important to treat your lips with care. Keep them out of the sun and moisturized. If you noticed the pigment of your lips fading, don’t worry! This is normal as the pigment settles. If you decide that the results aren’t satisfactory, we can perform a touch-up to help achieve your desired look. 

How Long Does Lip Blush Last?

Now, for the million dollar question: how long does lip blush last

Lip blush can actually last for up to 5 years, averaging 2 years at a minimum. While it is a tattoo, the pigment used for lip blush is intended to fade naturally and therefore will need a touch-up every couple of years in order to maintain the desired level of pigmentation. 

If you’re interested in lip blush, schedule a consultation with our team today. There’s no risk with these consultations: they’re simply meant to answer any questions and create a plan to achieve your desired results. 
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