Microblading is an effective way to get beautiful, fuller looking eyebrows. The hair-like strokes an artist makes while microblading leave you with natural-looking, semi-permanent results that are sure to please. But as you consider whether or not microblading is for you, you may find yourself wondering “how long does microblading last?” We have the answers to your questions on how long microblading lasts and more! Read on to get information on what can affect the longevity of your brows.  

How Long Does Microblading last: The Lowdown

To answer this question, you first need to understand that results can vary widely depending on a number of factors (we’ll get to that later). Typically, microblading results can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months, with some people claiming their results have lasted 36 months (3 years!). 

This wide range mainly comes down to these factors: 

Factors That Can Change How Long Microblading Lasts

1. Aftercare

The days and weeks following your microblading appointment are crucial in dictating the longevity of your new brows. Even though microblading doesn’t provide permanent results like traditional tattooing does, cosmetic tattoos also require down time to heal. Improper aftercare can mess with your results and shorten the lifespan of  your microbladed brows.

The first few days after the procedure you may notice fluid coming from your eyebrows. The best thing you can do is gently blot at it in order to prevent scabbing. Whatever you do: do not pick the skin. Picking at the skin can pull pigment from it, causing said pigment to fade faster. Surface level healing can take between a week or two, but it can take several more for your brows to fully heal. During this time it’s important to treat it as a healing wound. As such, it’s important to avoid sun exposure, use SPF daily, and keep your brows dry. 

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2. Sun Exposure

Even after your brows have healed, it’s important to keep them safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Sun exposure can have numerous effects on the body and skin. Excess sun exposure can cause premature fading and can alter the original color of the pigment. Using a good SPF daily can help to mitigate the effects the sun can have on your microbladed brows. 

3. Skin type

Your skin type can also affect how long microblading lasts. Those with normal to dry skin types are more likely to have longer lasting results than individuals with oily skin. There’s a specific reason for this. 

Microblading deposits pigment into the skin. If you have oily skin, those oils can actually push out pigment, causing that pigment to fade sooner. 

4. Sweat and Water Exposure

Sweating, whether due to weather or exertion, can also affect your brows. When you sweat, that sweat escapes through pores all over your body. The effects sweat can have are compounded by the fact that the salt in sweat can actually cause pigment to fade faster. As salty sweat builds up on your brow and exits your pores, it can actually suck pigment away with it. 

Saltwater can have this same effect on your results. 

5. Immune Function

This one may come as a surprise, but your body itself may reject the pigments from a microblading appointment. Individuals who have a sensitivity to foreign objects may notice that their results don’t last as long, as their body is working overtime to get those pigments out. 

6. Quality of Product

Lastly, if your artist uses a low-quality pigment you are guaranteed to have an effect on how long microblading lasts. Artists who are unlicensed are more likely to charge less for their services and may also use lower-quality pigments. 

This is just one reason we highly recommend coming in to see one of our trained professionals. It costs a little more to come see someone who is experienced but in the long run will be worth it to have beautiful brows that will last for several years. 

If you have any more questions about microblading, contact our team at Beauty Studio 7 today!

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