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Lip Blush

Welcome to Beauty Studio Seven

Lip Blush

What is Lip Blush?

Many women dream of thick, blushing lips without all the lipstick and lip gloss. The average woman is thought to consume between 7 and 9 pounds of lip stick/gloss in her lifetime. Lip Blush is a semi-permanent solution which both enhances the shape of the lip, adds fullness, corrects asymmetry, and adds a lip color for a naturally beautiful lip 24/7. It can help lips look fuller, more youthful, and save you from consuming all that lipstick!

Lip Blush works by depositing pigment into your lips and building many layers of color for a naturally beautiful blushing lip. Lip Blush is semi-permanent, which makes it less invasive and much more natural looking, compared to traditional permanent synthetic pigments. Lip Blushing, although not entirely permanent, can last for several years.

How Safe is Lip Blushing?

Lip Blushing has become more safe as technology has continued to improve, although it is not without risks. However, risk of side effects are largely determined by your aftercare. Minor side effects during and immediately following treatment include pain (though pain tolerance varies from person to person), redness, and swelling.

  • Possible side effects also include:
  • Rash and/or itchiness.
  • Scars & skin bumps
  • Uneven coloring (although a good provider will make sure your color looks good!)
  • Blood-borne illness (rare, caused by equipment that has not been properly sterilized. I clean mine well!)

I will answer any questions and concerns you have before and after your session. If you have any worsening symptoms following a treatment, I always advise you to seek out a doctor.

Lip Blush is a safe alternative for women who want naturally fuller, more colorful lips without the daily application of lipstick. I provide lip blushing in Gig Harbor, WA, and am always welcoming new clients to look their best!


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