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Powder Brow

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Powder Brow

What Are Powder Brows?

A great method of achieving the look of fuller eyebrows is through a technique called powder brows. Powder brows, sometimes called ombre brows, nanobrows or microshading, are a somewhat similar procedure to microblading, but have some additional advantages.

Many people prefer the powder brow method due to its soft, natural look and the process is less invasive. Powder brows are applied using an ultra-fine tattoo needle within a permanent makeup (PMU) device to deliver pigment to the skin. With powder brows, instead of only using strokes to fill in eyebrow hairs, like with microblading, the needle is used to draw both dashes and dots on the targeted area. The technique creates a much fuller look.

Healing Time

The healing time for powder brows is typically about five days. Powder brows heal much faster than microblading because the pigment isn’t implanted as deeply into the skin.

How long do they last?

Power brows typically last nine to twelve months. With powder brows, expect to schedule your yearly touchup session when you find yourself filling in your brows again– about nine months from your first Powder Brow Session.

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"I just wanted to say that I am OBSESSED with my brows. It may sound ridiculous, but they make me happy every single day - like multiples times a day! Honestly some of the best money I've ever spent and I wish I'd done it years ago. I'm singing your praises all around Pierce County! Thanks for doing such a fantastic job!!!!"

"This was my third service with Kaleena and she is marvelous! I am so happy with the work she has done on my brows and eyeliner. She is personable and friendly. I would definitely recommend her! Thanks Kaleena!"

"I am extremely happy with my eyebrows! They look like my natural brows, just better. The entire experience was comfortable and I left with all the information I needed. I would highly recommend Kaleena!"