We offer three types of semi-permanent makeup services at Beauty Studio Seven. You can choose from microblading, powder brow or a combo brow that utilizes both microblading and powder brow techniques. Which brow you choose is very much dependent on several factors unique to your face. When choosing a technique, you must consider your skin type, texture, age, sun damage, pore size and the level of maintenance you want to commit to your brows. Read the sections below to help you decide which brow is best for you.  


Microblading is a very precise technique of applying pigment to the epidermis with a hand tool. The hand tool is made up of a blade with several tiny needles that scratch pigment into the skin. Each stroke of the hand tool deposits pigment into the epidermis, leaving what looks just like natural hair in place. This technique is perfect for people with sparse brows, young skin, skin undamaged by the sun or other elements and people who are looking for a fluffy brow.

Microblading typically lasts about three years before the application must be redone. Microblading typically looks very natural and often fades quite naturally, so you do not have to commit to touchups – although they will look much more crisp and fresh if you get regular touchups as directed by your artist.

Powder Brow 

Power brow, also known as microshading, nanobrow and ombrebrow, is a technique where an artist applies pigment to the brow with a cosmetic tattooing machine. The hand tool is similar to traditional tattoo machines and applies pigment into the skin, depositing a rich, dense color. Power brows appear more filled in than microblading. These brows will look similar to a perfectly penciled or powder makeup application. Powder brows are ideal for all skin types and will typically last for several years.

This application is typically preferred by artists and experienced clients over microblading because more precision can be achieved with a single device. The nanoshading technique can be comprised of strokes, dots or shading depending on the need of a specific area whereas microblading is only fine strokes. While microblading can be very beautiful, it doesn’t quite hold a candle to powder brows. Powder brows are soft, full and simply gorgeous while also being ideal for all skin types. 

Combo Brow 

Combo brows are becoming very popular because they make great use of both microblading hair-like strokes and the shading of a powder brow technique. The front of the eyebrow receives dense hairstrokes and then the brow fades into the powder brow as it gets more narrow towards the tails. The effect is a perfectly faded ombre eyebrow. This technique is best for non-oily, younger skin with little to no sun damage and small pores. With combo brows, you can truly get the best of both worlds. This technique make take longer than a traditional appointment because of the use of two different techniques to achieve the desired look.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Service 

Keep in mind that everyone’s face is different and everyone’s semi-permanent makeup application will heal differently. What may last five years on one client may only last six months on another. How well you care for the skin on your face prior to and after your semi-permanent makeup application is the biggest variable to consider. Aftercare is extremely important. Other factors to consider are your skin pH, sun exposure, face wash and age. Rest assured, our artists will leave you with perfect eyebrows and we will always be here to help perfect your eyebrows over the years with regular touchups.  

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